Quickly Communicate Directly With Voters and Poll Workers

  • ElectionOutreach Solution
  • Fastest, most direct way to communicate to voters
  • Effective: More than 80% of text messages are read
  • Bridges the digital divide: More than 95% of hard-to-reach households have cell phones. No need for Internet or email. 
  • Language Accessible: Multilingual; available in up to 21 languages
  • Cost-effective: 5X less money than direct mail
  • Quickly Communicate Directly With Voters

Inform voters about how to request absentee/vote-by-mail ballots

Remind voters about deadlines

Confirm registered voters names & addresses, or invite to re-register if needed

Send time-sensitive or last-minute alerts about changes

Custom Contactless I Voted Sticker
  • Customizable for your look and feel
  • Shareable: Designed for voters to share on their social media
  • Multilingual: Available in multiple languages
  • Aligns with Your Communications
  • Last-minute alerts:
  • Time-sensitive alerts about changes to in-person voting locations, precautions or requirements due to COVID 
  • Deadlines & Reminders
  • Deadline to request absentee/mail ballot
  • Deadline to return absentee/mail ballot
  • Check your voting status
  • Check mailbox for ballot
  • In-Person Voting
  • Early Voting info
  • Automated look-up of in-person polling place
  • Reminder to bring ID to polling place

Sample 5 Touch Points

Deadline to request Absentee/Mail Ballot
Check Voter Registration or Address
Deadline to return Absentee/Mail Ballot
Going in-person? Verify your polling place
Emergency alert (if necessary)
2020 Census mobile tool for sending automated follow-ups and motivating Hard to count individuals

Easy to Implement

Full services to ensure your success
  • Kickoff meeting, milestones, project plan, and regular check-ins
  • Dedicated account manager and dedicated priority support
  • List segmentation, validation, and cleaning to ensure likelihood of reaching voters
  • Message programming and QA across mobile phones and carriers for text formatting and rendering
  • Active monitoring, progress reporting, and end-of-campaign reporting
  • Opt-out management
  • API and custom reports

Our Experience Gets You Results

Text Messaging Strategy & Implementation Specialists

  • Five-year track record of providing text messaging platform for nonprofits and governments
  • Consulting on text message strategy and implementation. In addition to Census 2020, other areas of work include healthcare and emergency response.
  • Experience with testing SMS messages across multiple phone types and carriers
  • Have reserved, dedicated, 2020 vanity short codes available

Experience with Voter List Outreach

  • Sent SMS text messages on behalf of 2 Secretaries of State to state voter lists
  • Understanding of Voter files, data transfer, data extraction, data validation and cleaning
  • Reporting and data analysis of large bulk sends to Voter lists
  • Optimize content for improved delivery to voter lists

Let Us Help You With Your Election Efforts

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